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The Taliban call on the United States to implement its withdrawal commitment

The TalibaChairman of the High Commission for National Reconciliation in Afghanistan calls on the Taliban to resume dialoguean call on the United States to implement its withdrawal commitment

Pompeo arrived in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and held talks with Taliban negotiators (Source: AFP)

February 18 According to a report by Deutsnews Agency Kabul on February 16, the Taliban called on the United States to abide by the Doha agreement on the withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan in an open letter on Tuesday local time.

According to the report, the open letter was published the day before the defense ministers of NATO member states met to discuss the issue of NATO troops in Afghanistan.

The Taliban called on the United States to fully implement the Doha Agreement, including the withdrawal of all international forces and personnel as promised in the Agreement.

An open letter signed by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baladal, the Taliban’s second figure, warned that the Taliban would not allow anyone to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

The open letter concludes by saying, “It is our legitimate right to defend our land and people.”

According to the report, in the Doha agreement, the Taliban promised to hold peace talks with the Kabul government to significantly reduce bloodshed in exchange for the commitment of the United States to withdraw all international forces by the end of April.

The report also pointed out that the new U.S. government led by Biden is currently evaluating the agreement signed with the Taliban in February 2020 to end the longest war in American history.

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