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The state capitals of the United States are in a panic. The “special” demonstration is quiet.

The state capitals of the United States are in a panic. The "special" demonstration is quiet.

This is the Capitol taken in Washington, D.C., on the evening of January 17. The inauguration ceremony of President-elect Biden of the United States will be held in Washington on the 20th. Over the past few days, security measures in the heart of Washington have become more and more stringent. ( Photo by Liu Jie, Xinhua News Agency)

January 18 The Capitols of various capitals of the United States were heavily guarded on the 17th.

The police and the National Guard were facing a big enemy.

Beware of violent demonstrations launched by supporters of current President Donald Trump, repeating the scene of the violent impact on the Capitol on the 6th of this month.

However, until nightfall, there were very few demonstrators everywhere, far fewer than law enforcement officials and media reporters, and there was no clash.

Law enforcement is temporarily relieved.

The FBI had previously warned that far-right extremists were encouraged by the impact on Capitol events and that violent demonstrations could occur.

Given that the anti-government “Bugalo movement” planned to hold rallies in 50 states of the United States a few weeks ago, some security officials regarded the demonstration on the 17th as “first major ignition point” for fear of imminent conflict.

The “Bugalo Movement” is loosely organized and dominated by white far-rights, seeking to overthrow the government and wait for the opportunity to launch or incite the Second Civil War in the United States. This organization is linked to many incidents of racist violence.

On January 13, in Washington, D.C., members of the National Guard guarded outside the Capitol. ( Photo by Liu Jie, Xinhua News Agency)

The Associated Press reported that more than one-third of states sent out the National Guard to protect the Capitol; several states declared a state of emergency; some states temporarily closed the Capitol and suspended parliamentary activities until President-elect Joseph Biden’s inauguration scheduled for the 20th; and some states added wooden boards to the windows of the Capitol in the large Install protective fences around the building.

In the capitals of some states, the urban areas are almost empty.

In Richmond, the capital of Virginia, police roadblocks can be seen everywhere on the streets.

The government canceled the annual “Language Day” to meet with elected parliamentarians.

A local pro-gun group and the “Bugalo Movement” previously claimed to demonstrate on the same day.

For a time, the police blocked the road to the parliament building.

This is the members of the U.S. National Guard photographed in the congressional area of Washington, D.C., on January 14. Xinhua News Agency, Photo by Shen Ting)

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, only a few Trump supporters appear in front of the Capitol. Alex, a 34-year-old plasterboard installer, claimed to participate in the demonstration around the Capitol, but did not break into the building.

Wearing a hoodie with the words “2020 Fraud”, he said he believed that the presidential election results had been “stolen” and hoped to express his support for Trump. It’s just that there are not many people coming. “Nothing happened”.

In Lansing, Michigan’s capital, about 20 demonstrators gathered on the lawn outside the Capitol, some of whom were armed with rifles. One person wears military trousers, tactical vests and Hawaiian shirts, which is typical of the “Bugalo Sports” costume.

He wore a hat with Trump’s usual slogan “Make America Great Again” and held a flag with the slogan “Don’t trample on me” and refused to disclose his name, saying, “I’m not here to engage in violence”.

In Salem, Oregon, more than 10 men wear military uniform-style jackets, masks and helmets, and cross-body semi-automatic weapons.

Some people held upside down American flags and slogans that said “Dearm the government”.

In Columbus, Ohio’s capital, more than 20 demonstrators gathered outside the state capitol building, some armed with the watchful eyes of the state police.

As the snowflakes fell, demonstrators dispersed one after another.

Carson City, the capital of Nevada, has seen a large number of Trump supporters every weekend in recent months, but only one man held a sign on the 17th: “Trump lost. Be an adult. Go home.”

This is the members of the National Guard, which was photographed in Washington, D.C., on January 14. Xinhua News Agency, Photo by Shen Ting)

Reuters reported that it is not clear how much the FBI’s warning and enhanced security everywhere have had a impact on Trump supporters’ cancellation of the rally plan.

Some militias and extremist groups keep their followers at home, including reasons that the scheduled demonstration may fall into the “claws” of law enforcement agencies.

Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of General Affairs, thought it was grating that the thunderstorm and rain were small that day.

However, officials everywhere dare not relax their vigilance.

Ohio Gov. Mike Devin said law enforcement “continues to fear that violence may occur in the coming days” and he will continue to maintain the state Capitol alert level.

On the evening of January 17, the Capitol and surrounding areas were blocked by a fence in Washington, D.C. ( Photo by Liu Jie, Xinhua News Agency)

Reuters reported that the downtown Washington, D.C., was like a “ghost city” on the 17th.

Members of the National Guard are on duty at checkpoints all over the city center, and a large number of military vehicles such as armored vehicles are parked in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.

Reuters commented: “The picture of Washington becoming a fortress shakes Americans’ pride in the tradition of peaceful transfer of power.”

U.S. Secretary of War Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press on the 17th that the Pentagon was worried that there would be mole in the National Guard who participated in Biden’s inauguration security and might launch an attack on the day of the ceremony, and the FBI was conducting background checks on all 25,000 National Guard members.

He asked the commander to pay attention to any doubts.

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