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The South Korean government will extend the current epidemic prevention measures, and more than 5 people will be banned from gathering during the Spring Festival.

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According to South Korea’s Central Daily on February 1, the South Korean government has decided to extend the 2.5-level and non-Capital Circle 2 epidemic prevention measures currently in the Capital Circle for two weeks, and extended the “five-person gathering order” prohibiting gatherings of more than five people for two weeks until February 14.

If there is a party of more than five people during the Spring Festival holiday, the relevant people will be fined 100,000 won.

However, the Central Countermeasures Headquarters said that the epidemic prevention measures may be readjusted from February 6 to 7 a week later, including considering lowering the epidemic prevention level.

Jiang Dutai, the first comprehensive coordinator of the Central Countermeasures Headquarters, said, “Because it is difficult to judge the spread of the epidemic, it will be reconsidered in a week on whether to relax the epidemic prevention rules in public gathering places according to the number of new patients and the risk of spreading the epidemic.”

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