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The South Korean government announced the procurement plan for the coronavirus vaccine.

The South Korean government announced the procurement plan for the coronavirus vaccine.

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Yonhap News Agency reported on December 18 that the South Korean government will strive to sign an agreement on the procurement of the coronavirus vaccine with American pharmaceutical manufacturers Yang Sen and Pfizer within this month, and sign an agreement with Moderna in January next year.

It also plans to import AstraZeneca vaccines that has been signed before February and February next year.

South Korea’s Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters held a press conference on the 18th to announce the above-mentioned vaccine procurement plan.

The government has previously said that it will ensure the availability of COVID-19 vaccines that can be vaccinated with 10 million people through the COVAX facility, and will book 34 million vaccines from overseas pharmaceutical companies, which will be introduced into China in stages from February to February next year.

In terms of the coronavirus vaccine protection mechanism, the South Korean government has signed a procurement agreement with it and paid a deposit of 85 billion won (about 540 million yuan) in October.

On the side of overseas pharmaceutical companies, South Korea has signed a purchase agreement with AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company of the United Kingdom, and signed a pre-order with three American companies, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson & Johnson and Modena.

First procurement agreement. Specifically, vaccines (20 million doses each) will be procured from AstraZeneca, Modena and Pfizer, and vaccines with 4 million people will be introduced from Jansen.

It is reported that in addition to the above four pharmaceutical companies, the South Korean government is also negotiating with Novak Pharmaceuticals on the purchase of vaccines.

Lin Renze, director of the Health Industry Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea, said that the government can complete the signing of the agreement with Yang Sen as soon as next week, and the agreement with Pfizer will also enter the legal review stage.

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