The Russian and Syrian Presidents hold a video conference.

The Russian and Syrian Presidents hold a video conference. Putin: They will continue to promote

Syria’s restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity

Russian President Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad held a video conference on the 9th. 

Putin stated that Russia will continue to work hard to promote Syria’s restoration of sovereignty,

independence, unity and territorial integrity.

Putin pointed out that the “Astana Process” involving Russia, Iran, and Turkey has shown high efficiency.

The joint efforts of the three parties have achieved many results: the source of international terrorism in

Syria has been basically eliminated, the level of violence has been significantly reduced

and a peaceful life is taking place.

Recovery, an inclusive political process led by the United Nations is unfolding.

Putin believes that the important task at this stage is the reconstruction of

Syria in the “post-conflict period”, which involves the return of

Syrian refugees and the return of domestic people.

Bashar: Western sanctions hinder the return of refugees

Bashar thanked Russia for its efforts to solve the Syrian refugee problem. 

He said that most refugees are eager to return home, and the

Syrian government regards the return of refugees as a top priority

maintaining communication with refugees and facilitating their return.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: The refugees are eager to return home and look forward to a normal life

but the problem is that Western sanctions have made the realization of these goals very complicated.