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The result is still not out! Biden says he will win after the vote count ends, Trump speaks again

The result is still not out! Biden says he will win after the vote count ends, Trump speaks again

November 6th, reported that two days have passed since the polling day of the US presidential election, and the election results have not yet been released, and elections in many key swing states are still stalemate. On the 5th local time, the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Biden said in his speech.

“When the vote counting is over, Harris (the Democratic vice presidential candidate) and I will both be declared the winners.” The current president , Republican presidential candidate Trump then said, “If only the legitimate votes are counted, I can easily win.”

These state elections are stalemate

Trump and Biden have spoken

Comprehensive U.S. media election results forecasts and export polls show that Biden is currently ahead of Trump in the number of electoral votes, close to the 270 votes required to win the election.

According to reports, on the afternoon of the 5th local time, Biden delivered a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden said in his speech, “Every vote must be counted.” But he also said, “We also have no doubt that when the vote counting is over, Harris and I will be declared the winners.”

Later the same day, Trump delivered a speech in the White House briefing room. Trump said, “If only the legitimate votes are counted, I can easily win…”. He advocated stopping counting “late votes.”

On November 3, local time, voters fill out ballots at the polling station of the Brooklyn Museum in New York, USA. November 3 is the election day of the 2020 U.S. general election. All American voters go to polling stations to vote for the presidential election. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

Currently, the counting of votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania has not been completed. US media forecasts show that Biden has a temporary advantage in Arizona, and some US media believe that he has won in that state; in Pennsylvania, Trump temporarily leads, but his advantage is gradually shrinking due to the beginning of counting a large number of mailed votes.

The elections in Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia are also unclear. In Nevada, Biden is temporarily ahead of Trump, and his advantage continues to expand; in Georgia, Trump’s lead shrinks as the vote count progresses; in North Carolina, Trump temporarily leads.

In addition, with the increasing number of votes in the U.S. Congressional elections, statistics show that the number of women serving in the next Congress has reached a record level, and at least 131 female congressmen will serve in the next Congress.

On November 3, local time, the United States ushered in the 2020 election day. The picture shows a wall screen in the downtown area of ​​Washington, DC, calling for people to vote. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Mengtong

Trump team lawsuit dismissed

On the 4th local time, due to dissatisfaction with the vote counting process, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in many states requesting a suspension of vote counting. However, on the 5th, the lawsuits initiated by the Trump team in Georgia and Michigan both met with setbacks.

The Associated Press stated that the Georgia judge rejected the Trump team’s campaign lawsuit, but has not yet provided an explanation for the decision; the Michigan judge also rejected the Trump campaign’s “immediate suspension of Michigan state vote counting” Litigation.

At the same time, the Trump campaign also announced on the 5th that it had filed a campaign lawsuit in Nevada to stop counting “illegal votes.”

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