The Republican fightback? Biden faces a series of lawsuits in his 100th day in office, and his four-year term will continue


Before the first 100 days of U.S. President Joe Biden’s presidency are over, Republican state attorneys general have launched a series of lawsuits against the White House, signaling that the Biden administration will continue to fight multiple top law enforcement officials for four years, reported Tuesday.

Over the years, Democratic attorneys general have repeatedly brought former President Donald Trump to court and occasionally appealed cases to the Supreme Court, the report said. Xavier Becerra, california’s secretary of health and human services, who served as California’s attorney general during the Trump administration, also celebrated his 100th lawsuit against the Trump administration in August.

Now things have reversed, with a Democratic president in the White House and Republicans trying to make the court work for themselves.


In fact, the Republican Attorney General’s Association (RAGA) says its members have filed at least 19 lawsuits against the Biden administration in less than 100 days. That seems to be faster than the 2017 Democratic-run state’s lawsuit against the Trump administration, according to a database of state lawsuits kept by Markette University professor Paul Nolette.

However, the report notes that the number of lawsuits filed often does not necessarily reflect the value behind it. But Leonard Leo, co-chair of the FederalIst Society, a conservative legal group, told that the Republican state’s lawsuit is designed to “ensure that the federal government respects its limited role under the Constitution.”

Top law enforcement officials in several Republican-run states have made it clear that they intend to see the new administration as a nail in the coffin from its inception. On January 27, Biden’s seventh day in office, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey and five other Republican attorneys general warned Biden that he would be taken to court without scruples.

The Biden administration has yet to comment on other pending cases, most of which are in their early stages because of the Biden administration’s short time in office.