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The Queen of the United Kingdom may meet with Biden before the G7 summit

The Queen of the United Kingdom may meet with Biden before the G7 summit

January 31 According to many British media reports such as The Sunday Times and the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II may meet with Biden before the G7 summit in June 2021.

This will be the first time that the Queen of England has met with a foreign head of state after Brexit, and Biden’s first visit to the United Kingdom as President of the United States.

British media quoted reliable sources to report that Biden will arrive in the United Kingdom on June 11 for the three-day G7 summit, and Buckingham Palace officials are actively exploring the possibility of meeting.

As of now, Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on any official plans for Biden’s visit, but according to Biden’s itinerary, he may receive an official invitation to the British Parliament Building.

The report pointed out that the Queen intends to meet with the G7 leaders to show Britain’s diplomatic strength.

When she meets Biden, the Charles and Prince William will also attend together.

Previously, CNN reported that on January 20, local time, a British royal source revealed that Queen Elizabeth II sent a private message before Biden’s inauguration, and the content of the telegram was not disclosed.

The British government announced on January 16 that it would hold a meeting of leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) in mid-June at a seaside resort in southwest England, hoping to promote a consensus on free trade to promote the recovery of the global economy.

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