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The presidential inauguration ceremony is approaching. The capital of the United States is like a war zone. The reporter directly hits

Trump's second impeachment case highlights the political polarization and social division of the United States.

The inauguration ceremony of the President of the United States is approaching.

At present, the alert level of Washington, the capital of the United States, has been further upgraded.

Some media said that Washington’s alertness is like a war zone.

Is such strict security an excessive defense?

At present, many streets and public transportation in Washington, D.C. are closed, and the number of heavily armed National Guard soldiers patrolling the streets has also increased significantly.

On the 15th local time, Congressional police arrested a man with a gun.

Police said that the man was arrested while trying to pass a checkpoint in downtown Washington, D.C., when he was carrying forged work documents, a pistol and more than 500 bullets.

In view of safety issues during the presidential inauguration ceremony, American Railway announced on the 16th that it would suspend some services in Virginia and southern Washington, D.C., for two days on the 19th and the 20th.

From 6:00 on the 19th to 6:00 on the 21st, four major highway bridges from Virginia to Washington, D.C. will also be closed.

According to local media reports, from the 17th, the area of Washington and the District of Washington will be further extended, and more areas will be blockaded.

Strengthen security measures in many states of the United States

As a result of previous news, protesters plan to carry out “armed demonstrations” in 50 state capitols and Capitols in Washington, D.C., within 16 to 20 days. Therefore, at present, many states in the United States have also strengthened security measures.

Some states plan to temporarily close state capitols, some states install baffles and fences for state capitols, and deploy National Guard soldiers.

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