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The President of Ivory Coast and representatives of the opposition hold a dialogue on achieving national stability

President Ouattara of Ivory Coast was sworn in

Abidjan, November 12 President Ouattara of Ivory Coast and representatives of the opposition, the chairman of the Democratic Party and former President Bediere were held in the economic capital of Abidjan on the 11th to resolve the crisis caused by the presidential election. During the dialogue, the two sides promised to work together to achieve national stability.

After the meeting, Ouattara said that he had had a friendly dialogue with Bediere, the two sides have re-established mutual trust and will hold more meetings in the future. Bediere said that the main purpose of the talks is to maintain national stability. “The first talks broke the barrier between the two sides. In the future, the talks mechanism will be maintained and the opposition will continue to express the demands of the opposition to the president.”

Ivory Coast holds presidential elections on October 31. Among the four candidates, including Ouattara, Bedie and former Prime Minister Nguessang refused to participate in the election campaign and repeatedly called on opposition supporters to march and demonstrate to boycott Ouattara. Kosovo government spokesman Durr issued a statement on November 11, saying that before and after the presidential election, opposition supporters’ boycott of Ouattara triggered multiple conflicts, resulting in at least 85 deaths and 484 injuries.

The Constitutional Court of Ivory Coast confirmed on November 9 that Ouattara won the presidential election with 94.27% of the votes and was elected President of Ivory Coast for the third time.

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