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The police of the United States made a shocking statement: If the mayor withdraws from the police force, I will shoot her

The police of the United States made a shocking statement: If the mayor withdraws from the police force, I will shoot her

The US “New York Post” reported on the 29th that a recent police report revealed that a senior police officer in Phoenix had earlier threatened that if the mayor withdrew from the police department, he would shoot her. 

Although the police officer regretted afterwards, saying that his remarks were “just a joke,” officials from relevant departments have asked the Tempe City Police to conduct a criminal investigation on the matter.

On the afternoon of October 21st, local time, in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, 7 police officers discussed the “Stop Funding of the Police Force” campaign in the United States at a briefing.

Officer Steven Poulos expressed his thoughts At the time, he said: “If the mayor withdraws from the police department, I will shoot and kill her.” The room suddenly became quiet. A police officer broke the silence: “You will not shoot at the mayor.” So Prologis said again: “I promise.”

According to police reports, some police officers have different memories of GLP’s threats. One police officer said that he remembered ProLogis saying: “If they divest, the first person on my list is the mayor.” Another police officer remembered ProLogis saying: “If they don’t pay the police, I will Go to the mayor’s house and shoot her to death.” Three police officers thought that ProLogis would not really take action, he was just venting his emotions. The police report said that after the meeting, ProLogis repented and said his statement was a joke.

Prologis said to the police officer, “I don’t know why they are making a fuss, that’s just a joke.” But now, whether it’s a joke or not, these comments are taken seriously. 

The Phoenix Police Department asked Tempe City Police to conduct a criminal investigation into the case. Phoenix police also launched an internal affairs investigation to determine whether ProLogis violated any policies. The report has not yet been released.

The Tempe City Police has forwarded the report to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, who will decide whether to prosecute ProLogis. According to the police report, this case was submitted for review for “making terrorist threats and threats or intimidating others.” But ProLogis himself stated that he would not provide testimony.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police said in an email on Tuesday that ProLogis was on administrative leave. The administrative investigation is ongoing. 

The mayor Kate Gallego (Kate Gallego)’s director of communications, Jenning, who was threatened in the incident, said the mayor declined to comment on the threat, including whether she wanted the police officer to be prosecuted.

According to reports, Steven Prolos joined the Phoenix Police Department in 1998. Prior to this, he worked for the Pittsburgh Police Department for four years. ProLogis has worked in the Phoenix department for more than 20 years and is eligible for retirement. 

According to city government documents, he will receive a cash compensation after retirement. In early October, before his threatening remarks, the municipal police pension committee approved his delayed retirement plan.

GLP’s remarks came as some city council members and supporters asked the Phoenix Police Department to maintain transparency and hold accountable in shooting incidents and police misconduct. (Global Times New Media)

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