The Pandemic has rebounded obviously And The Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul issued another reminder

The Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul once again issued a reminder on the 27th local time that in view of the recent severe situation of the pandemic in Turkey, Chinese citizens living in Turkey are requested to take good care of the pandemic.

Entering autumn and winter, the global Coronavirus has rebounded significantly, and many countries have entered the “second wave” of the pandemic and tightened prevention and control measures. The number of new confirmed cases in Turkey has increased significantly every day. 

On October 14th, Turkish Airlines found 10 passengers who were positive for the nucleic acid test of the new coronavirus on TK72 flight (Istanbul to Guangzhou).

According to the circuit breaker instruction of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the flight will be suspended for 4 weeks from November 2nd. 

The Consulate General in Istanbul reminds Chinese citizens in Turkey to continue to prevent and control the pandemic, pay close attention to the safety reminders and overseas pandemic information issued by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies and consulates abroad, fully assess the possible cross-infection risk caused by current international travel, and insist The principle of “non-essential, no travel”, try to avoid long-distance cross-border travel.

As of the evening of October 26, local time, Turkey had confirmed 36,999 cases and a total of 9,874 deaths. The number of daily confirmed cases has remained at around 2,000 for many days, including Istanbul, the largest city, and Izmir, the third largest city. In many places, the pandemic has rebounded significantly. (Headquarters reporter Chen Huihui)