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The number of coronavirus hospitalizations in England exceeds the peak of the spring epidemic.

Hospital beds are short. Hundreds of coronavirus patients in London, UK, will be placed in hotels.

Medical staff at a hospital in Houston take care of patients on ICU beds. New York Times website)

In England, the number of people hospitalized for the novel coronavirus has now exceeded the peak of the spring outbreak.

According to the Associated Press, as of the morning of the 28th local time, hospitals in England had admitted a total of 20,426 coronavirus patients, surpassing the highest number of 18,974 hospitalized cases on April 12.

Simon Stevens, chief executive of the British National Health System England, said that local health care workers seemed to have returned to the “eye of the storm” in spring.

Stevens said that the coronavirus vaccine brings hope to the fight against the epidemic, and he also estimated that by the end of spring 2021, all vulnerable people in the UK will be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

According to previous reports, Matt Hancock, the British Health Secretary, revealed on the 14th of this month that a new variant of the novel coronavirus is accelerating the spread in parts of England.

The week before that came a spike in COVID-19 cases in London and parts of Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire in south-east England, with thousands of infections recorded from more than 60 locations caused by the mutant virus.

At present, London and southeastern England have implemented a four-level blockade, which may last for several months.

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