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The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Texas has soared. Anti-pandemic nurse: We have been abandoned.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Texas has soared. Anti-pandemic nurse: We have been abandoned.


December 24 According to report by CNN on the 23rd, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Texas has surged recently, and medical resources are once again in short supply.

Some front-line medical staff admitted that in the face of such great pressure on epidemic prevention, they “feeled abandoned”.

According to the report, according to Johns Hopkins University, the average number of cases in Texas in the past seven days has exceeded 16,000, up 15% from the previous week.

At the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, 40% of the COVID-19 patients came from other parts of the state, and the hospital had to convert two annex buildings into COVID-19 wards.

Joseph Walloon, the hospital’s chief medical officer, pointed out that the patients who come now are getting worse and the medical staff are increasingly frustrated. Tana Ingram, a nurse in the intensive care unit, who has been infected with the novel coronavirus twice, is feeling a lot of stress in the current pandemic response.” It seems that we don’t exist.

People need to realize that we are still here to take care of so many patients that I put my own, my children and my mother’s lives at risk. “To be honest, I feel like we’re being abandoned,” Ingram said.

CNN said that although the coronavirus vaccine has been distributed across the United States, the hospital still reflects the worsening of the epidemic. In addition, in the face of the worsening epidemic, there are still many local people who do not pay attention to it and refuse to follow the epidemic prevention strategy.

A COVID-19 patient named Walter Couella was transferred to the hospital from the western Texas 500 miles away.” There are a lot of people who don’t wear masks in the place where I live.”

“There are a lot of times my wife and I are the only people in the store who wear masks and nobody else wears them,” says Cuella. Not only that, but some people did not choose to go to the hospital as soon as possible after infection.

Richard Gonzalez, who didn’t see the doctor for a week after he developed symptoms, previously worked part-time in two jobs, and had a wife and five children at home. He said bluntly that he was “screwed up”: “The moment I had symptoms, I should have come to the hospital, but instead of doing that, I lie in bed thinking that the coronavirus would disappear.”

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