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The number of confirmed cases has soared. India hires a “mask commissioner” to force people to wear masks.

A Michigan woman was found to have COVID-19 after double lung transplant surgery and died two months later.

February 19 – According to Reuters, the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases in India reached its highest daily in three weeks on February 19, while some parts of India hired commissioners to force people to wear masks.

At present, India’s total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeds 10.96 million, second only to the United States, which is the second most serious country in the world.

According to a report officially released by India this month, the actual number of infections in the country may be as high as 300 million.

Recently, the number of new confirmed cases per day in India has risen continuously, reaching 13,193 local time on the 19th, the highest number in three weeks.

Nearly 80% of the confirmed cases come from Kerala and Maharashtra in southern India, and Mumbai, the world’s most populous city, is the capital of Maharashtra.

According to media reports, Indians are now basically no longer wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

In response to the growing epidemic, the local government in Mumbai hired nearly 3,000 “mask commissioners” to deploy to Mumbai’s commercial center to force local people to wear masks when traveling.

Mumbai’s health minister also called on social media to Indians not to take it lightly and “keep good personal protection until the antidote is developed successfully”.

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