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The mayor of Rio Brazil, decided to cancel all official New Year’s Eve activities.

The mayor of Rio Brazil, decided to cancel all official New Year's Eve activities.

Rio, Brazil cancels all official New Year’s celebrations

The municipal government of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, announced on the 15th local time that the mayor of the city has decided to cancel all official offline New Year’s Eve activities, and the New Year’s celebrations will be held on TV and the Internet instead.

Rio Mayor Krivella made the relevant decision that day after a meeting with health experts and municipal health department officials in the light of the current epidemic.

The Rio Tourism Company, which organized New Year’s Eve celebrations in previous years, also announced on the same afternoon that due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic

The collective celebrations and fireworks held in previous years on Rio’s famous Copacapana beach have been cancelled this year.

Previously, the company had planned to broadcast fireworks on the beach live on TV and webcasting due to the lack of a clear statement from the municipal government.

On December 14, statistics released by the Rio Hotel Industry Alliance showed that the booking rate of Rio hotels on New Year’s Eve on December 31 reached 58%.

Although the figure is lower than 10 percentage points in the same period last year, it also indirectly proves that people who want to participate in the beach New Year’s Eve party are not satisfied with watching it on TV and the Internet. Fireworks set off.

Previously, the city of Niteroi, Rio, had also announced the cancellation of all New Year’s Eve celebrations, and the cancellation of reservations for all dance venues, bars and restaurants in the city for the New Year’s Eve on December 31.

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