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The manslaughter of young African Americans continues, and protests are imminent.

The manslaughter of young African Americans continues, and protests are imminent.

The accidental killing of African-American youth by the police in Columbus, Ohio, United States is still in further ferment.

Relatives and friends of the victims, people from all walks of life and local sports stars have voiced to condemn the violent enforcement of the police.

At the same time, the public anger also led to the imminent protest, and the local police were on standby.

According to the Associated Press on December 10th local time, although Columbus police claimed that the African-American youngster, Casey Goodson Jr., was armed with a gun at the time of the crime and posed a threat to the lives of the police at the scene.

However, the victim’s family said that Goodson was holding only sandwiches at that time. At the same time, the autopsy report released on the 9th local time also showed that the gunshot wound that caused his death was shot from behind.

The murder of Kathy Goodson Jr. triggered condemnation from all walks of life and demanded the arrest of the police officers involved.

At the same time, Ohio State University basketball rookies also expressed their condolences for the victims and anger at the police by kneeling down before the game.

In addition, according to USA Today’s local time on December 10, Columbus residents plan to hold protests this weekend, demanding severe punishment for the police who caused the accident, racial discrimination and inequality.

Local businesses have blocked the door and window of the store with wooden boards in response to a new round of police-civilian conflict that may be triggered by the protests.

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