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The latest test results of confirmed COVID-19 patients on Singapore’s “unattentional” cruise ship are negative.

The latest test results of confirmed COVID-19 patients on Singapore's "unattentional" cruise ship are negative.

December 9th, local time, the Ministry of Health of Singapore issued an announcement that the 83-year-old male passenger who tested positive for COVID-19 on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ocean Quantum on that day had tested negative twice in a row at the National Public Health Laboratory of Singapore.

The health ministry said the man would be tested for the virus again on December 10, and all close contacts on board the ship with suspected cases will continue to be quarantined.

It is worth noting that the detection method used on cruise ships is the rapid antigen test that is being gradually promoted in Singapore recently. This test method is low-cost and can quickly obtain test results.

On the evening of the 9th, other passengers on the Ocean Quantum have disembarked one after another. Passengers who have not had close contact with suspected cases do not need to be forced to quarantine themselves under the premise of paying attention to their health status within 14 days. At present, the cruise ship has been deeply cleaned.

On December 9, an 83-year-old male passenger was treated for diarrhea while taking part in the “Untended” voyage of the Ocean Quantum and tested positive for COVID-19 on board.

Ocean Quantum then ended its journey early and returned to Singapore on the same day. According to the relevant epidemic prevention regulations of the Singapore government, the cruise ship does not stop at any port after leaving Singapore, and all passengers and crew have been tested for the novel coronavirus before boarding the ship.

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