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“The last time the U.S. military was like this, it was during the Civil War…”

"The last time the U.S. military was like this, it was during the Civil War..."

National Guard soldiers sleeping in the Capitol Image source: The Paper Image

January 13, in order to protect those congressmen who discussed Trump’s impeachment bill, they no longer have to be as scared as on the 6th, a large number of National Guards entered the interior of the U.S. Capitol.

The last time the U.S. military was stationed in the Capitol was during the Civil War, according to the director of operations of the Congressional Historical Association.

That night, soldiers with nowhere to go had to sleep on the cold floor, and the photos of these people lying horizontally in the Capitol also aroused heated discussion among netizens.

As of the previous day, about 3,000 National Guard soldiers had been stationed in the Capitol building to prevent the recurrence of “protesters storming Congress” like on January 6.

According to the report, although people did not pay attention to these protesters at first, there are increasing signs that many of the protesters who stormed Congress on the 6th were indeed ready to “take it seriously”.

Pictures show a protester wearing riot equipment and holding a dozen plastic handcuffs. Police also found some bombs and a refrigerator full of incendiary bombs.

A man who came to Washington from Colorado in a special purposely drove a truckload of ammunition and allegedly planned to kill House Speaker Pelosi on live television.

Since then, Washington’s alert level has been greatly increased, and 20,000 National Guards are expected to be stationed in the capital. Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) reported on the 13th that Speaker Pelosi paid special thanks to the National Guard for protecting Congress on the same day for defending American democracy.

After that, Pelosi also distributed them a “challenge coin” to recognize them for defending the U.S. legislature.

Bloomberg quoted the director of operations of the Congressional History Association on the 14th as saying that soldiers have been sent to protect the Capitol several times in the history of the United States

but the last time a soldier settled was in 1862, when the United States was still fighting the Civil War, and the Washington Military Region headquarters requisitioned the country after a battle.

The meeting building is used as a field hospital, where about 1,100-1200 wounded people were brought here.

This time, according to the Maryland National Guard captain’s explanation, the Capitol is not a National Guard accommodation, and that area is designated as a rest area during the change of soldiers.

National Guard soldiers sleeping in the Capitol Image source: The Paper Image

American netizens are also hotly discussing the photos of “soldiers sleeping on the floor”.

On mainstream social media tweets, most netizens are moved by these photos, and words such as “thank the National Guard”, “the people who attack Congress are crazy” and “Trump should be arrested” often get high praise.

Pelosi thanked the National Guard and gave challenge coins. Image source: social media

Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic also interviewed a Virginia National Guard member.

Although he can only sleep on the floor, he said after learning that it is a popular attraction, “We are also tourists. It’s cool.” Also asked the reporter where the souvenir shop was.

The simple soldier also rejected the reporter’s suggestion that he asked them to set up beds because he feared that “would damage the floor of one of the coolest buildings in the world.”

National Guard soldiers resting in the Capitol Image Source: The Paper Image

However, many netizens are dissatisfied that soldiers can only sleep on the floor in the magnificent Capitol of their country:

One netizen replied: As soldiers, these people have the ability to sleep anywhere, so they are in good condition and ready to call.

National Guard soldier and statue of black civil rights leader Rosa Parks in the building Photo credit: Social Media

However, a netizen who claimed to be the wife of the Guard replied: Not so. Their husbands have been on duty there for 24 hours, and they lack food and sleep.

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