The Kremlin: Turkey’s participation in the Nagawi issue has not been agreed upon by any party

10th November Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov stated that Turkish personnel had not obtained any consent for the participation of Turkish personnel in peacekeeping operations in the Naka region. This issue was not mentioned in the joint statement of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 10th that Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said earlier on the 10th that Turkey would participate in the supervision of the Naka Armistice. “The armistice agreement was signed yesterday. It is now being discussed how to supervise the ceasefire. , The question of how to conduct inspections. The entire truce supervision process will be conducted jointly, and we in Turkey will continue to be together with Azerbaijan.”

In this regard, Peskov told reporters on the 10th: “The statement released by Russia, Asia and Afghanistan does not contain any content on this issue. The three parties have not reached an agreement on this issue, and the deployment of Turkish soldiers in the Naka region has not been agreed. “

The leaders of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan have previously adopted a joint statement on a ceasefire in the Naka region. According to the statement read by Russian President Vladimir Putin, starting from November 10, the two countries have ceased fire in Naqqa. The two sides will stop at their respective positions and exchange prisoners of war. In addition, the Naka region will also deploy Russian peacekeepers.