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The king of Thailand took the princess to clean the prison. French media: In order to increase the exposure of the Thai royal family

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△Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] The Thai royal family recently released a group of photos of King Maha Wajilalongkorn and Princess Shinina inspecting the prison.

In the photo, the two people helped clean the prison floor together.

According to AFP on the 12th, there have been many large-scale protests in Thailand demanding the reform of the monarchy in recent months.

In order to increase the exposure of the Thai royal family and reflect the king’s personal affinity, the Thai royal family carefully arranged the prison trip.

In the past two months, the king and the princess have visited different prisons.

They wear jeans and polo shirts, which are very down-to-earth. It is understood that one of the prisons inspected by Wajilalongkorn this time is the place where Shinina was detained.

Shinina was demoted to prison for Queen Sutida of Yue in 2019, and then was released from prison to restore her title in 2020. Since then, Shinina has been accompanying King Wajilalongkorn to various public events.

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