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The Israeli Prime Minister just issued him a certificate when he found out that he was a “murderer”

The Israeli Prime Minister just issued him a certificate when he found out that he was a "murderer"

Source Jerusalem Post

Source Jerusalem Post:

Recently, Israel has enabled more than 1 million people to complete the coronavirus vaccination. The 1 millionth vaccinated person also received a commemorative certificate issued by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

However, the media found that the certified vaccinator had been sentenced to prison for manslaughter.

When the vaccinator completed the vaccination and obtained the commemorative certificate, the Israeli government also arranged for him to take a photo with Netanyahu and other officials, and gave a nationwide wide coverage of the matter. 

However, the day after the report was released, the Israeli media found that the vaccinator had previously been jailed for murder.

The vaccinator is reportedly 62 years old, Mohamed Wahab Jabalin.

More than 20 years ago, Jabalin stabbed a man in a fight, causing him to die. He was also sentenced to serving his sentence until 1992.

Sources exposed to the media said that when they heard that the “homicide” had obtained the certificate issued by the Prime Minister, he felt very incredible.

Equally surprised also include Jabalin.

He said that when he went to the coronavirus vaccine, medical staff told him that he was the 1 millionth vaccinated and that the Prime Minister would come to greet and communicate with him.

Subsequently, Netanyahu led many officials to take a photo with him.

Regarding his past experience, Jabalin stressed in the interview that he had “paid his debts”, while in response to the media’s rendering that he was a “murder”, he clarified that he had never been sentenced to “murder” (but manslaughter).

According to the report of the Jerusalem Post, in addition to Jabalin’s past experience, another sensitive point of the news is related to its ethnicity. According to the data, Jabalin is an Arab Israeli.

In this country dominated by Jews, the Arab population has a very delicate relationship with the Jewish residents due to religious, historical and geopolitical situations.

The Jerusalem Post also mentioned in the report that several Arab politicians took the opportunity to launch a public opinion attack on Netanyahu.

However, their operation does not seem to have been coordinated by the Arab Jabalin.

Jabalin also mentioned in the report that “someone tried to use my past to smear the Prime Minister”.

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