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The Israeli ambassador said he was ready to help India defend himself, but stressed that cooperation was not directed at any country

The Israeli ambassador said he was ready to help India defend himself, but stressed that cooperation was not directed at any country

According to the Hindustan Times on the 18th, Ron Malka, Israel’s ambassador to India, said that Israel would meet India’s demands in defending the country from all challenges and conflicts, but pointed out that such cooperation was not directed at any other country.

Ron Marka, Ambassador of Israel to India

In an interview with the newspaper, Marka said that the normalization of Israel’s relations with major Western Asian countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain has provided new opportunities for trilateral cooperation with India in fields such as trade and technology.

In order to strengthen cooperation with India in water resources management, where Israel has world-leading technology and expertise, Israel will soon station a “water commissioner” in its embassy in New Delhi and carry out a project covering 25 villages in the semi-arid region of Uttar Pradesh, India, focusing on conservation. , purification, recharge of groundwater and irrigation technology.

Asked if India urgently requested to purchase defense equipment from Israel during the recent border tension, Marka said, “Because of the strong friendship between our two countries, no matter what India needs to buy from Israel to defend itself, we are ready to help India, because this is the friendship we manage.

The way, especially with such a precious friendship as India. But I must emphasize that we don’t target any country, we have enough problems of ourselves, so we don’t target any country, but we support India… We also trust India and the Indian leadership, and that India knows how to handle its affairs wisely.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Modi

He added, “You [referring to India] don’t need us to do this. You just need us to share our experiences and practices with you, because we face similar challenges and similar states of conflict.

So, of course, we have a lot to share, but we are not targeting any country, we are just very supportive of India.”

Marka pointed out that India’s defense cooperation with Israel has evolved from a buyer-seller relationship to an important strategic partnership.

“We are working with India on a regular basis to share research and development, information and experience,” he said.

Referring to the Abraham Agreement and the normalization of Israeli relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, Marka said that this opened new doors to trilateral cooperation.

“Given Israel and the UAE are defined as India’s key strategic partners, these distant partners now form relationships…I know it’s a huge opportunity for India,” he said.

Marka pointed out that Israel, the United Arab Emirates and India are all focused on innovation and technology.

Due to the huge potential of triangular cooperation, the Indian-Israel Chamber of Commerce has opened an international office in Dubai and identified water security, food security and health care as potential areas of cooperation.

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