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The hospital confirmed that Tanya Roberts, the “bony girl”, is still alive and under treatment.

Five of the eight people missing from a sinking ship in Indonesia's Semological Waters have been confirmed dead

Amin-Laschet was elected as the new chairman of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany.

January 5th American media Variety reconfirmed that Tanya Roberts, the “Bond Girl”, was still receiving treatment in the hospital and had not yet died.

On January 4, several media received news that Tanya Roberts died, which was originally from his agent Mike Pingel and confirmed by her boyfriend Lance O’Brien.

But the next day, the hospital telephoned Mike Pingel Tanya Roberts was still alive, but in poor condition and was being treated.

Roberts played one of the female detectives in the drama version of Thunderbolt, as well as Stacey Sutton in Thunderbolt 007 and Midge Pinciotti, the mother of Donna, the heroine of the 1970s Show.

The 2005 episode “Barbershop” was Roberts’ last film and television series.

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