The guests questioned the results of the US election, the Fox anchor rolled his eyes after listening

November 10th. In a piece of the original material of the “America’s Newsroom” (America’s Newsroom) program, the camera accidentally recorded the host Sandra Smith (Sandra Smith) to the guest Cleta Mitchell (Cleta) Mitchell rolled his eyes frantically.

According to Fox News, in the program broadcast on the 7th, the conservative lawyer guest Mitchell questioned the TV station’s prediction of Joe Biden’s victory. Mitchell said, “No matter who will become president, please remember that just because CNN or Fox say that someone is president does not mean that he is president. I think everyone wants to know that this is correct and legal. , We can trust the result.”

After hearing this, Smith frowned, rolled his eyes constantly, and asked the anchor Tres Gallagher who was interviewing Mitchell, “What? What happened, Tres?” In the live broadcast, Tres seemed not to Without refuting Mitchell’s statement, he said, “I think Mitchell’s point of view is very good.” According to the report, this segment was an operating error, and this segment was captured by a microphone that should have closed the microphone. Fox’s spokesperson did not respond to the matter.