The Government of Mongolia has decided to postpone the reopening of border crossings until early June

The Government of Mongolia has decided to postpone the reopening of border crossings until early June

Deputy Prime Minister of the Mongolian Government and Chairman of the State Emergency Committee Amur Saihan informed the media of the decision of the government meeting on the 5th (Photo: Mongolian Eagle.mn News Network)

May 5 2021, the Government of Mongolia held a regular working meeting to hear and discuss the report submitted by the State Emergency Committee and decided to postpone the implementation date of the original plan to reopen the border crossings from 1 May until early June.

In addition, on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the current socio-economic situation in the country and the progress of vaccination efforts.

The Government of Mongolia has also decided to reduce the level of pandemic prevention and control currently being implemented nationwide, from the red level of the national disaster prevention and high alert status to the high alert status of the orange level, until 5 June.

At present, Mongolia’s Coronavirus pandemic has spread to 21 provinces and cities throughout the country (only one province in the South Gobi has not yet been infected), the number of new confirmed cases in a single day remains high, the number of critical cases and deaths continue to rise.

According to the Ministry of Health of Mongolia, as of May 5, the country has confirmed a total of 41,524 cases of Coronavirus pandemic, of which 40,872 were local cases, 503 cases imported from abroad, 149 related cases, 141 deaths (including 11 cases of complications), 25,641 cases of cured cases, and 4,961 cases treated in hospital.

Among the hospitalized cases, 123 were critical cases, 480 were serious cases, 1538 were severe cases and 2820 were mild cases.

Due to the serious situation of the pandemic, Mongolia on April 25 at 0:00 to enter a 14-day state of high national disaster prevention, until May 8 at 6 o’clock.

Since the first local case was reported in November 2020, Mongolia has been on high alert for disaster prevention three times.

Mongolia’s disaster prevention level is divided into three levels, from highest to lowest are: the national disaster prevention high alert status (red level), high alert status (divided into orange and yellow two levels) and the daily alert status (green level).

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