Home Politics The Floyd trial is still in progress, and African Americans have died in police law enforcement…
22 shooting in Minneapolis, killing one person

The Floyd trial is still in progress, and African Americans have died in police law enforcement…

by YCPress

April 12th – Comprehensive report: On the 11th, local time, an African-American man was shot dead by the police in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis is the scene where Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by the police, and the trial of the case is still in progress. The shooting further strained the local atmosphere. On the night of the incident, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the police station.

According to the police statement, the police stopped a driver before 2 p.m. that day for traffic violations, and later found that the driver had an unenforced arrest warrant.

Police said that when they tried to arrest the driver, the driver re-entered the car. A policeman shot at the car and hit the driver. Police said the car crashed into another car after driving for several blocks.

The police have not yet released the identity of the driver. But his family has appeared and asked the police for more information. The 20-year-old black man is reportedly named Dante Wright.

“I’m keeping a close eye on the situation in central Brooklyn.” “I pray for Wright’s family, and our state mourns for another black man’s life taken away by law enforcement officers,” said Ming state governor Tim Walz on the evening of the 11th.

That night, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Central Police Department, and some people held the slogan “Black lives are also lives”. Police fired tear gas and flash bombs at the crowd. Sources said that a police officer was injured during the protest.

The Associated Press pointed out that the Wright incident took place at a time when the local atmosphere in Mingzhou was already tense. Recently, the case of Floyd, an African-American man, was locked by the police and “kneeling” is being tried in court.