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The first new variant of COVID-19 discovered in Brazil appeared in the United States

The first 200,000 doses of "Sputnik-V" coronavirus vaccine have arrived in Mexico.

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The Beast Daily reported on the 25th local time that the first new Variant novel coronavirus found in Brazil appeared in the United States.

According to the report, local officials in the United States announced on the 25th local time that a patient in Minnesota had tested a new Variant of the novel coronavirus found in Brazil.

According to the report, the patient recently traveled to Brazil and was tested on January 9. The report mentioned that many states in the United States have also seen new variant coronaviruses found in the United Kingdom.

According to Brazilian media reports on the 14th, Brazilian and British researchers found a new variant of the novel coronavirus called P.1 when analyzing and collecting samples of COVID-19 from the Brazilian state of Amazon.

At present, researchers are analyzing the characteristics of this Variant novel coronavirus, such as whether it is more infectious and whether it will affect the effectiveness of existing coronavirus vaccines.

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