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The first confirmed case of COVID-19 appeared in the South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters

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According to a report by Yonhap News Agency on February 16, a military officer affiliated with the Joint Staff Headquarters located in the office area of the Ministry of National Defense in Longshan District, Seoul, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the same day.

The Department of Defense will conduct an epidemiological investigation of the case and set up temporary screening stations in various parts of the office area that morning.

This is the first confirmed case in the office area of the Ministry of Defense since the mass infection of the National Army Welfare Corps last November.

As a result, whether the South Korean-American joint exercise scheduled for the second week of next month will be affected is of great concern.

The South Korean and American military have agreed to carry out the first half of the Joint Command Post Exercise (CPX) in the second week of March, and are coordinating the specific schedule and content.

It is expected that this year’s exercise will last nine days and be carried out in two parts. As in previous years, the exercise will be carried out by computer simulation.

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