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The first batch of coronavirus vaccines arrived in France. On the first day of vaccination, only dozens of people were targeted.

A pharmacist in the United States deliberately sabotaged more than 500 doses of coronavirus vaccine.

â–³Vaccine reception site (Photo Source: Paris Public Hospital Group)

According to the news released on social media by the Paris Public Hospital Group on the 26th local time, the first batch of coronavirus vaccines arrived in France from the production site in Belgium that morning and were received and kept by the central pharmacy of the Paris Public Hospital Group.

The number of vaccines in this batch is 3,900 bottles, which contains 19,500 doses.

According to French media reports, three more batches of vaccines will arrive in three different locations in France on the 26th.

The Paris Public Hospital Group also said that three bottles of vaccines would be shipped immediately to the René-Murray Hospital in Severon, a north-eastern suburb of Paris, for medical staff and patients in the long-term care ward to be vaccinated on the 27th.

In addition, a nursing home for the disabled elderly in the city of Dijon, central and eastern France, will also receive six bottles of vaccines by the 27th.

Previously, French Health Minister Verand had said that the first day of vaccination on the 27th was only targeted at dozens of people in these two places, and the vaccination volume will gradually increase with the arrival of a large number of vaccines in France in early January next year.

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