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The federal government of Ethiopia said it was hit by a missile from the Tigray military government

Ethiopian diaspora held rallies in many places to protest against foreign interference in internal affairs

According to news from the Ethiopian Federal Government, late on the night of November 13 local time, the military government of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (“Terrain”) launched a missile in the direction of Ahdar and Junobar, between Z. For continuous destruction.

The federal government has said age is the “ultimate weapon” of the Tigrayan military arsenal. The detailed information is actually under investigation.

On 4 November, the Terrain Front attacked the Ethiopian Defense Forces military base in Tigray State. On the same day, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abe, warned that the NDF needed to take action, and the Ethiopian Federal Government issued a case of sources for a period of six months in all aspects of Tigray.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister said, on the night of the sixth of this month, that the National Defense Forces and the Air Force had succeeded in eliminating the military targets of the “dangerous group”, and destroyed the “Front Lens Lens” plan.

Tigray region is located in the northern part of Ethiopia. The state government leads the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. In fact, the party has dominated the Ethiopian regime for nearly 30 years.

Since the current federal government came to power, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe created the new ruling party, the Ethiopian Welfare Party, in 2019. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front has refused to join. Conflict and conflict with the federal government.

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