The explosion point in the United States is close to the telecommunications building: the alarm system collapses hundreds of kilometers away and the flight is grounded.

The scene of the explosion (Reuters)

December 26th – On the morning of the 25th local time, a big explosion occurred in downtown Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, United States, injuring many people. Due to the explosion of the RV, it happened to be parked outside the building of the telecommunications company AT&T.

The accident also caused local communication interruption.

The 911 alarm system 290 kilometers away was temporarily suspended, and even the nearby airport was affected and the take-off flights were suspended.

Police said that the choice of the explosion site was not a coincidence or a deliberate decision.

The RV that exploded (Twitter)

Comprehensive Associated Press and CNN reported that before the incident, the RV had played a recording, warning that it was about to explode.

So far, three people have been injured in the accident, and human remains have been found at the scene, but it is unknown whether it is related to the explosion.

Three nearby cars were engulfed by the fire and damaged several buildings, including the AT&T building.

The scene of the explosion (AP)

AT&T said that the central office of the telecommunications exchange was affected, which was equipped with network equipment, and the explosion caused communication services to be interrupted.

But AT&T declined to say how much of the impact is. Some police agencies said that the 911 alarm system had failed, and the furthest distance was 290 kilometers from the explosion site.

The scene of the explosion (Reuters)

The interruption of communication services has also had a chain reaction to airports and other places.

Nashville International Airport said that telecommunications problems related to the explosion caused the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to temporarily suspend flights at the airport.

The FAA said that “the flight returned to normal about an hour later, and the pilot did not lose contact with the tower.”

At present, the city of Nashville has issued an emergency order in the area around the explosion site, which will impose a curfew between 25 and 27 local time.