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The European Union strengthens export controls on coronavirus vaccine, and Japan’s domestic vaccination plan may be delayed.

Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife were vaccinated with the first dose of coronavirus vaccine

Kyodo News Agency reported on February 2 that Taro Aikawano, Japan’s administrative reform, expressed concern about the EU’s strengthening of export controls on the coronavirus vaccine produced in the region on the 2nd.

He pointed out: “This is an additional control after the event. Japan’s domestic supply cannot be finalized, so it is affected.

Inoculation programs in Japan may also be delayed.

Kono stressed that in order to ensure the smooth domestic supply, it is necessary for the Japanese government to make tenacious negotiations with the European Union.

After revealing that the EU statement said that he would do his best, Kono stressed that “will require the export of the signed part as soon as possible”.

Kawano apologized to the local government responsible for vaccination about the status quo that the supply schedule could not be finalized.

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