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The European Union is looking at a coordinated war against religious extremism

The European Union is looking at a coordinated war against religious extremism

The European Union is scheduled to convene a meeting of the interior ministers of its member states on the 13th to coordinate the fight against religious extremism.

Bloomberg quoted a draft meeting statement reporting on the 9th, “We demand mutual respect, including within religious communities… This request treats Islam and all other religions equally.”

The statement called on the European Commission to promote religious education. When training imams and other Islamic clergy in the EU, the content of the training must “conform to the fundamental rights and values ​​of Europe”.

According to the draft statement, the EU must protect European people from religious extremism.

Bloomberg said that the EU’s move may increase tensions with Islamic countries.

The recent terrorist attacks in France and Austria have prompted the European Union to put the fight against religious extremism back on its main political agenda. The EU summit scheduled for December will also discuss this topic. 

French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to combat religious “separatism”, triggering conflicts with leaders of some Islamic countries, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The latter accused Macron of engaging in religious persecution.

The draft proposes that European Union countries and the European Commission strengthen the supervision of social media and other Internet platforms, including obtaining encrypted communication content, and ensuring that digital and data services are not used for illegal activities, inciting crime, abetting terrorism or hatred.

The draft statement emphasizes that the integration of immigrants into European society should be a “two-way lane.” Governments of various countries provide help and support to immigrants, “but expect more returns”; immigrants themselves should make “active efforts.”

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