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The epidemic relief bill is “difficult to give birth” Federal funds are about to expire… Three major problems of the United States will need to be solved urgently.

The epidemic relief bill is "difficult to give birth" Federal funds are about to expire... Three major problems of the United States will need to be solved urgently.

On November 30, local time, NBC reported that the U.S. Congress faces several urgent problems in the coming week or more as the term of office of a large number of members is about to expire.

The U.S. federal government’s interim funding budget is about to expire, which means that the United States will have to pass a new spending bill by December 11 to avoid the shutdown of government departments.

However, even if Congress can pass a new round of spending bills, it may not be easy for President Trump to sign it. During 2018, Trump disagreed with Congress over the budget of the “border wall”, causing some government departments in the United States to fall into the longest shutdown in history.

In addition, a new round of coronavirus relief bills is still in the midst of “difficult labor”. The Democratic and Republican parties in the U.S. Congress have been wrestling for the second round of relief bills for nearly six months, and the two sides are unable to agree on a specific amount.

However, at present, the approval and distribution of the coronavirus vaccine are on the agenda. If the relief bill is delayed, the implementation of the coronavirus vaccine may be affected.

Finally, the passage of the U.S. Defense Policy Act faces difficulties. The annual Defense Policy Bill has been successfully passed by the U.S. Congress for 59 consecutive years, but this year it faces great difficulties.

The issue of ethnic conflict broke out this summer, which caused controversy to a military base named after U.S. Confederate officials.

Although bills passed by the House and the Senate require the Pentagon to rename the military base, Trump did not buy it and even threatened to veto similar resolutions.

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