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The election dispute remains unresolved. The United States is trapped in the situation of “one country, two people”

The election dispute remains unresolved. The United States is trapped in the situation of "one country, two people"

Under U.S. law, the presidential transfer of power will be completed at noon on January 20, 2021. So far, the Trump team and supporters have still filed lawsuits in many states for some of the votes, such as the legitimacy of the vote, the counting procedure and other reasons.

On the 23rd local time, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the Trump campaign in the state. On the same day, the Michigan electoral agency officially certified the state’s election results and confirmed Biden’s victory in the state.

Georgia also announced that it had certified Biden to win the state after the recount, but at the request of the Trump campaign, the third count will begin at 9:00 a.m. local time on the 24th. Wisconsin is also recounting some of the state’s votes, which is expected to be completed by December 1.

Under federal law, states must resolve election disputes by December 8 this year. Michigan people took to the streets to call on the Trump team and their supporters to respect and accept the election results after confirming Biden’s victory in the state. Previously, people from different camps in many parts of the United States held protests, and confrontations and conflicts escalated from time to time.

Protesters: The situation of division in this country is very, very serious.

ABC reporter (November 17): Information from the Department of Homeland Security shows that there is no delay in voting, ticket tampering with, missing ballots or any non-compliance.

Trump supporters: And then?

ABC reporter: So, what can convince you that Biden won the election fairly and he will become our president. What can convince you?

Trump supporters: Nothing can convince me at present.

Michael Dimock, chairman of the Pew Research Center in the United States, wrote that Americans are rarely as polarized as today. Studies over the past few years have shown that Republicans and Democrats are increasingly divided on a long list of issues such as economic policy, racial contradictions, climate change, etc. A poll released by the center recently also shows that the deep differences between supporters of the two parties are not limited to politics and policies, but also tearing apart at the value level.

Richard Haas, president of the American Institute of Foreign Affairs, also wrote recently that the existing system of the United States is seriously flawed. Everyone recognizes this, but it is unable to reach consensus on reform. Today, the United States is in a situation that can be called “one country, two peoples”.

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