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The Egyptian Foreign Minister spoke by telephone with the Saudi Foreign Minister to coordinate his position on the Israeli-Palestinian situation

Egypt provided 65 tons of medical supplies to Palestine to treat the injured

△ Egyptian President Sisi

Egyptian media reported on the 15th, Egyptian Foreign Minister Shoukry the same day with Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal telephone, the two sides discussed the recent rapid escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

Egyptian Foreign Ministry official spokesman Hafeez said Shukri and Faisal exchanged views on how to work in the future to restore calm. Shukri described the latest steps Egypt has taken to achieve an immediate ceasefire and stop the bloodshed. The Ministers agreed to continue consultations and coordination in all frameworks and occasions in the future in order to put an end to the military escalation in the Gaza Strip and to avoid a full-scale confrontation that would deteriorate into or have a serious impact on peace throughout the region.

The Ministers stressed the importance of efforts to revive the Middle East peace process, including the “two-State solution”, the realization of all legitimate Palestinian rights and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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