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The document reveals that the U.S. military once tested the hydrogen bomb of “time-modified weapon” compared with it “is a cannonball”.

The document reveals that the U.S. military once tested the hydrogen bomb of "time-modified weapon" compared with it "is a cannonball".

According to a recent report by the Russian satellite network and the website of Driver in the United States, some of the technology patent documents applied for by the U.S. Navy have been exposed by the media, and the degree of innovation in content sounds like science fiction, but they do seem to describe a real, UFO-like performance.

The theoretical basis of aircraft. Recently exposed documents show that in addition to these technologies, the U.S. military has also tested a “time-time modification weapon”.

Previously, media reports said that in 2020, several patented technical documents applied for by the U.S. Navy were exposed, and the technical content advocated in these patents was puzzling and shocking: such as “high temperature superconductors”, “high-frequency gravitational wave generator”, “electromagnetic field generators” similar to force fields, and “plasmic compression” Fusion device” and so on – these technologies seem to make artificial aircraft have flight characteristics similar to UFOs.

The U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) reportedly conducted a series of experiments to test the key concepts and technologies behind the so-called “UFO Patent” theory, which was proposed by the famous naval aviation engineer Salvadore Pais.

Russian media quoted the report of the U.S. “Driving” website that the latest published document in recent days even mentioned “Spacetime Modification Weapon” (SMW), which the American media believes is based on Dr. Pais’ theory.

“The hydrogen bomb is like a cannonball compared with it.”

According to foreign media reports, the content of the latest published document is related to the “The High Energy Electromagnetic Field Ge” under a project called “Navy Innovation Science and Engineering – Basic and Applied Research”.

nerator – abbreviated HEEMFG) Related, these public documents include hundreds of pages of detailed technical drawings, photos and test-related data.

According to foreign media, the plan aims to assess the feasibility of the so-called “Pyce effect” in Dr. Pais theory.

The effect is a theoretical physical concept believed to be achieved “by fast (but stable) acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transient state, by accelerating spin and/or accelerating vibration to control the movement of charged substances (from solids to plasma)”.

Dr. Paiss claimed that the “Pyss effect” created by his invention of the device may lead to a powerful electromagnetic field that can “reconstruct the structure of the real world at the most basic level”, thus triggering a real revolution in the fields of power, propulsion, energy and even weapons production.

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