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The collapse of the “House of Cards” and the political chaos in the United States stunned the world.

The collapse of the "House of Cards" and the political chaos in the United States stunned the world.

On January 6th, local time, someone broke into the U.S. Capitol with a "confederate flag" representing slavery.

In 2021, the United States opened with a stunning political farce, and then President Trump’s few days of office will end in more disputes.

Political polarization is near the peak, the battle between donkeys and elephants is unprecedentedly intensified, and saliva and threats fly together; the social order collapses, the National Assembly is violently smashed, and many people die in a political “hand-to-hand battle”; the president is going to be liquidated, twice facing impeachment, and the transition of power is in danger; the capital is in a state of emergency, and 6,500 National Guards come on stage to support Trump group roared and demonstrated the “armed attack”…

All kinds of chaos have made today’s United States of America neither “strong” nor “coherent”. Allies were shocked, and the Western values of the United States, which claimed to be “democracy and human rights”, have become international jokes. The House of Cards collapsed, but the chaos is far from over.

“All martial arts practice”, slave flag

Is this “American democracy”?

On January 6, 2021, Trump supporters poured into the Capitol from all directions to demonstrate and smash. Five people died in the process, and lawmakers fled and were in a mess.

The so-called “democratic palace” of the United States fell. This is the worst impact on the Capitol since it was set on fire by British troops in 1814, and the attacker was the Americans themselves.

Trump supporters staged “all-armed martial arts” in Congress, which is very different from the “democracy” model that the United States wants to create for the world. Crossing the boundaries of tradition, rules and even the law, American politicians are striving for nothing more than power.

“Never have there been a failed candidate who has attempted to declare victory by disrupting the electoral process,” 22 historians have stepped forward and said in a joint statement.

Six days after the congressional riots, Trump, who repeatedly accused election fraud, made public, but the first thing was to clear his responsibility. He denied that he was responsible for the incident, and defended his statement that he called on supporters before the outbreak of the incident: “People think what I said is completely appropriate.”

Violent collision, smashing and robbery, is this “American democracy”?

The “miscellaneous army” who broke into Congress not only had links with white supremacist groups, far-right groups, conspiracy theorists, but also carried “Confederate flags” among the demonstrators.

This flag has long been abolished, and during the American Civil War, it represents the southern states that support slavery. It has been more than 150 years since the United States declared the abolition of slavery. Unexpectedly, today in the 21st century, the bright racist color is still flying in Congress with the flag.

It is precisely because of the existence of white supremacist groups and so on that the “ghost” of racial discrimination has always loomed over the United States.

Discrimination and bullying against people of color, like cancers, “systematic” throughout the United States, not only cannot be eradicated, but also expands. It was not until Freud, an African-American man, was “kneeling and killed” by white police that the tumor burst. Its huge lethality tear apart unprecedentedly between various ethnic groups in American society.

“Black people’s lives are not lives”! This is “American human rights”?

It is the consistent style of the United States to promote “American democracy” and “American human rights” to the world to make comments on many domestic politics. The bloody scene of disregarding national security interests and the safety of public life is staged in the United States.

The New York Times reported “A Slighten blow to the image of the American Democratic Beacon” that for a period of time, the rest of the world will “look at the United States with suspicion” when the United States seeks to promote democratic values. Pictures of the occupied Capitol will be preserved, allowing people to point out that it is better not to teach others how to exercise the right to freedom.

Western media, which once regarded the American political system as the norm in the report, also rudely broke the illusion this time. The Guardian commented that American democracy is “in danger”.

The French newspaper Figaro is pictured under siege of the United States Congress with the headline “Democracy Breaks Down”. An editorial said, “Trump treated the system rudely, trampled on democracy, divided his own camp, and made his presidency end in a stinking ditch”.

Fight against the pandemic and control the chaos

“Super Communication” of Superpower

The “superspread” of the coronavirus pandemic has intensified in the country when the only superpower in the world, the United States, has to face congressional uphea that can be compared with “terrorist attacks”.

Since the congressional unrest, three Democratic lawmakers in the United States have been infected with the novel coronavirus according to the investigation.

One of the congressmen, Schneider, said: “Even at the courtesy of other lawmakers, several Republican lawmakers in the emergency shelter conference room still resolutely refuse to wear masks. I was angry with the selfishness and arrogance of these people, their self-righteous behavior, which is mean and rude.”

It is incredible that at a time when the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States has exceeded 23 million and more than 380,000 people have died, American politicians are still “jerping” about wearing masks. The president himself has also made various anti-scientific remarks such as “drink disinfectant to kill the virus”, and even withholding medical resources because some states are “disobedient” . It is difficult to govern the country with this degree of paranoia and ignorance, and it is difficult to make the pandemic not over the world!

In the first 11 days of January, the U.S. reported more than 30,000 deaths, more than the U.S. had in the entire month of August 2020, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Under the pandemic, people are struggling on the verge of life and death, but politicians still seek political self-interest in the name of mask “freedom”. This is only one of the obvious characteristics of the chaos of the American governance system.

Politics first, science is aside, is this “American anti-pandemic“?

CNN commented that before Trump left office, he plunged the United States into a whirlpool of violence, disease and death, and internal divisions were “the highest in 150 years”.

Health officials are worried that 5,000 Americans may soon die every day from an pandemic that the Trump administration “intentionally ignored”.

The United States itself moved the plot of the fictional House of Cards to reality, and even the real script is more magical and amazing than the fictional one. Trump’s term is coming to an end, and he clearly shows the world some truth about the United States.

After breaking the “American Dream” filter, the chicken feathers took off the long-polished coat. The core of “American democracy” and “American human rights” is contrary to what it claims to the outside world!

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