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The Cleveland Indians of the American baseball team will change their name.

Press spokesman of the Western Theater gave a speech on the 11th round of military-level talks between China and India.

According to the New York Times on December 13, people familiar with the matter said that after years of protests from fans and Native American groups, the Cleveland Indians team of Major League Baseball (MLB) have decided to change the team name, possibly announcing the change plan as soon as this week.

Cleveland Indians’ team names began in 1915, but Native American groups and other organizations have for decades opposed professional sports teams that use Native names, mascots and images, insisting that it is derogatory and racist.

In July this year, the Washington Redskins announced that the new season would be officially renamed.

Until a new name is found, the team’s provisional official name is Washington Football Team.

The Washington Redskins name is widely believed to be suspected of discriminating against Native Americans.

Earlier this month, a group of investors publicly pressured Nike, FedEx, Pepsi and other big companies to sever ties with the Washington Redskins because of the team’s name.

FedEx, the home name of the Redskins, also asked the team to change its name.

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