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The chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee should meet these five criteria as soon as this week.

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On December 1, 2020, local time, in Tokyo, Japan, the Olympic Fifth Ring logo, which is being transported by boat, returned to Tokyo Bay after four months of safety inspection and repair.

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee held the first meeting of the “Candidacy Discussion Committee” yesterday to discuss the qualifications of the new chairman – international popularity and global vision, understanding the preparation of the Tokyo Olympic Games and other five criteria.

February 12, Yoshiro Mori, the former chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, announced his resignation due to remarks that discriminated against women.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee then set up a “Candidate Discussion Committee” to discuss the candidates for the new chairman.

The “Candidate Discussion Committee” is composed of eight people, half male and female.

The chairman is the 85-year-old honorary chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, Fujio Mizuki, and the other three male members are Yasuhiro Yamashita, chairman of the Japanese Olympic Committee, the director of the sports department, Fuhiroji Mu, and the deputy governor of Tokyo, Mitsumu Taroo.

All four female members are members of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, namely, former judo Olympic champion Ayumi Tanimoto, former gymnastics player Rie Tanaka, former volleyball player Yuko Arakida and former Paralympic swimming champion Mayumi Narita.

The first meeting of the “Candidate Exploration Committee” held yesterday reached a consensus on several qualifications that candidates for the new chairman should have, including five criteria: “Insoteric knowledge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and sports”, “Experience in international activities, international visibility and global vision”

“Organizing and operational capabilities and making a variety of The ability of harmonious coordination among diverse stakeholders”, “understand the history and preparations of the Tokyo Olympic Games so far”, and also understand the basic principles of inclusion, gender equality and diversity of the Olympic Games.

Toshiro Muto, Secretary-General of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said that the “Candidate Exploration Committee” will hold its second meeting today.

There will be substantive progress in the list of candidates, and the new chairman may be available as soon as this week.

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