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The budget for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics has increased to 16.5 billion yen.

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee narrows the candidate for the new president to one candidate

On December 1st, local time, in Tokyo, Japan, the Olympic Fifth Ring logo, which was being transported by boat, returned to Tokyo Bay after four months of safety inspection and maintenance.

Kyodo News Agency, relevant people related to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games revealed on the 21st that the Olympic Organizing Committee plans to increase the budget limit by 3.5 billion yen to 16.5 billion yen (about $0.15B) from

Previous increase of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games postponed to next summer due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, because with the postponement, The content of the performance needs to be adjusted.

It is reported that due to the simplification of the Olympic Games, it is expected to shrink the artistic part and curb the extent of cost increase as much as possible.

The 22nd meeting of the Council will consult on this matter. This is the second increase in the budget limit for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The first time was last February, when the main contents of the plan and performance were finalized, and the necessary project cost was proposed with the estimate, it was expected to exceed the estimated 9.1 billion yen in the bidding document, thus increasing to 13 billion yen.

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee entrusted the opening and closing business to the advertising giant Diantong Company, and with the extension, the contract is planned to be extended.

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