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The blockade in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley has been extended for 15 days

The blockade in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley has been extended for 15 days

Austria will extend the third comprehensive "lockdown" measures.

In an effort to control the spread of the outbreak, the blockade in Nepal’s capital, the Kathmandu Valley, will be extended until May 27. The decision was made at a joint meeting of the chief executives of the three counties in the Valley.

It was also decided that all construction work, with the exception of national priority development projects, would be suspended. Weddings, receptions and banquets are not allowed in public places, and it is stipulated that no more than 10 wedding guests may be held in a resident’s home.

The blockade in the Kathmandu Valley, which began on 29 April and was due to end on 12 May, was decided to extend for another 15 days because the outbreak had not been slowing down.

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