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The “Big Princess” Ivanka was turned away?

After leaving Washington, the photos of the Ivanka couple's life in Miami were exposed.

Photo from Ivanka Twitter

Trump will step down in a while, and the whereabouts of the “first daughter” Ivanka and his wife, who used to have unlimited scenery, have also attracted attention from the outside world.

According to U.S. media, although the Ivankas were exposed to have spent 30 million US dollars to buy a house in Miami’s rich gathering area known as the “billionaire bunker” last December, the neighborhood relationship seemed to be out of order, and the two were squeezed out by their neighbors.

Indian Creek Island in Miami, Florida, is known as a “billionaire bunker” citing the gossip page “Page Six” of the New York Post on January 13. There are only 29 mansions on the island, and the Ivankas have just taken down one of them.

But Vanity Fair said that having a home there alone does not automatically guarantee that they will join the local high-end country club.

Founded around 1930, Indian Creek Country Club currently has 300 members, an 18-hole golf course and restaurant, and has an entry fee of more than $150,000. The club was controversial for a time because only a small number of Jews and people of color were allowed to join.

On Wednesday, a source explained to “Page Six”: “You must also get a nomination and formally apply. But as long as one member objects, the newcomers are not allowed to join. And now there are a lot of members who oppose it, especially after the events of the Capitol on January 6.

“The members of the Indian Creek Country Club were very picky and someone (directly) said Ivanka didn’t have to apply.”

“[They also suggested] that the Ivankas could have lunch with their fellow ‘patriots’ at [Trump’s] Mar-a-Lago.”

On the day of the riots in the U.S. Congress, Ivanka retweeted a tweet from his father Trump, calling the demonstrators “American Patriots”, and was widely criticized. She then deleted the tweet in a second.

However, although the Ivankas’ prospects in the country club are not optimistic, this does not mean that their social journey is bleak.

Another source told Page Six that the couple had already consciously become popular in the “billionaire bunker.” The people here are mostly Republicans, and the couple have received some invitations to dinner.

In addition, the U.S. media also discussed Ivanka’s political career, saying that “Ivanka obviously believes that she will survive the ‘rebellion’ and one day become the President of the United States” and “the two seriously reached an agreement: if there is a chance in the future, she will run for president”.

According to a previous exclusive report by the British Daily Mail, the Trump father and his daughter have reportedly recently “frolemate” over the issue of “participating in Biden’s inauguration ceremony”.

Ivanka wanted to attend the event to save her still “ambitious political career” and both impress the public and win some future supporters. Trump was chagrined and disappointed with his daughter’s idea, saying that “Ivanka’s attempt to contact the swindlers who tried to step him down is simply an insult”.

Another White House source cited in the report denied rumors that Ivanka planned to attend Biden’s inauguration. However, the article also mentions Ivanka’s recent “controversial tweets”, proving that she is indeed in the “controversial vortex” recently, and there is indeed a possibility that she needs to “recover her reputation”.

And after January 8, Ivanka’s Twitter account has not been updated for several days.

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