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The Bidens will be publicly vaccinated against the coronavirus next Monday.

Biden will deliver his first foreign policy speech on February 1st.

Biden and Harris

According to the U.S. political news website Politico on the 18th, the U.S. President’s handover team confirmed that President-elect Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will be vaccinated against the first dose of the novel coronavirus next Monday Eastern Time.

Jen Psaki, the incoming White House press secretary, told reporters that the vaccination will be broadcast on television, and the Bidens will also use the event to thank medical staff at the medical institution.

Passaki said they need a clear message to make the public safe for the vaccine.

The day before Biden announced his vaccination, Rep. Cedric Richmond, a senior official in his inner circle, tested positive for the virus. Just a few days ago, a reporter from the transition team was also infected.

The fears did not affect Biden’s vaccination timing, as he and any staff were not in close contact with the individuals mentioned above, Passaki said.

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