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The Biden administration has been accused!

The Biden administration has been accused!

The Biden government is defended!

The U.S. Attorney General of Texas sued the Biden administration for freezing deportation orders.

According to the Hill, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton recently filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, saying that the Biden administration’s decision to request a freeze on the expulsion of illegal immigrants violated immigration laws.

Paxton said, “This Biden administration’s move endangers Texas and the whole United States.”

Meanwhile, Paxton believes that freezing deportations is beyond the authority of Homeland Security.” If this order is not challenged, DHS can enforce it for a long time to come, or even indefinitely, which will pardon illegal immigrants who have been denied multiple times.”

The Biden administration signed an executive order after taking office, according to the report, requiring the Department of Homeland Security to freeze illegal immigration evictions for the next 100 days.

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