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The Australian Prime Minister suddenly said good things about China, and really wanted to fight against China but had no background.

The Australian Prime Minister suddenly said good things about China, and really wanted to fight against China but had no background.

Recently, Australia, which has been following the anti-China pace of the United States for a long time, suddenly played a Chinese unique “Sichuan Opera Change of Face” in front of the media.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison made a goodwill to China in public on the 23rd local time, and called on China and the United States to reduce antagonism. A change from the sharp words of the past made netizens puzzling.

Morrison said that China’s strong action in the field of poverty alleviation is rare, and no country can do as well as China. He also said that the Australian government is happy to see that China is achieving real poverty eradication.

Such a change of attitude may even make people forget Australia’s role as an “anti-China pioneer” in the past two years. So how did things change?

Australian officials, including Australian Prime Minister Morrison, who spoke this time, have slandered China since China’s 5G technology was banned from entering the Australian network in 2018.

Australian officials have also It’s a series of provocations. At the same time, at the time when the Chinese market is strongly warming up due to the epidemic, a large number of Australian local products cannot be imported into China for various reasons.

In response, Australian officials tried to call Beijing, but it was reported that all the calls were rejected.

According to Australian officials, this situation has continued since May this year.

On the 21st local time, an official of the Chinese Embassy in Australia published an article in the British Guardian, saying that if Australia is unwilling to give up treating China as a strategic opponent, the phone will never be opened.

This is only two days after Morrison’s

As a large exporter of agricultural and sideline products, Australia and China should be two natural partners separated from each other. Beef and wine originating in Australia have long been a regular customer at the Chinese people’s table.

But because of the geopolitical manipulation of the United States, Australia has become a member of the “Five Eyes Alliance” of the United States and has also followed the foreign policy of the United States to the anti-China side.

The United States has maintained a high-pressure policy towards China since President Trump took office, which is in line with Trump’s adherence to the zero-sum game winner-take-take-all strategy. But this set of strategies can bear losses and continue to play, but it doesn’t mean that Australia can also.

As the only superpower in the world today, the United States can compete for a sharp decline in trade with China, but Australia does not have the same strong background.

Nearly one-third of Australia’s exports, which lacks a heavy industry base, come from trade with China, which is a loss that they have to recover from months of continuous decline in GDP. This is also the scene of Morrison’s sudden friendship with China.

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