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The 75th United Nations General Assembly decided to hold a special meeting on Coronavirus Pandemic in early December

United Nations: Only a few weeks after the start of the Central African Republic election, the number of refugees has reached 60,000.

United Nations: The 75th UN General Assembly passed a resolution on the 5th and decided to hold a special session of the UN General Assembly from December 3rd to 4th to strengthen global cooperation and jointly respond to the new Coronavirus Pandemic.

Before the vote on the resolution, the 75th UN General Assembly Chairman Bozker said: “The special session of the UN General Assembly on the Coronavirus Pandemic is both a historic moment and a test for multilateralism.”

He emphasized that immediate action must be taken to protect the most vulnerable groups, comfort those who died from Coronavirus, and defend the common future of mankind.

According to the resolution, the UN General Assembly special meeting on Coronavirus Pandemic includes three parts: opening ceremony, closing ceremony and general debate. Heads of state and government will be invited to participate. Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic, leaders of various countries who are unable to attend the on-site meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York will give pre-recorded video speeches.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, the United Nations General Assembly has passed 4 resolutions related to Coronavirus Pandemic, urging member states to strengthen international cooperation and solidarity to respond to Coronavirus Pandemic, and ensure that countries obtain medicines, vaccines and medical equipment to deal with Coronavirus Pandemic. The Security Council also passed a resolution on Coronavirus Pandemic on July 1, requiring all parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities, achieve a 90-day ceasefire, and ensure access to humanitarian assistance.

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