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Thailand’s famous tourist city Pattaya extends the pandemic lockdown

Thailand's famous tourist city Pattaya extends the pandemic lockdown

△Pattaya, a famous coastal tourist city in Thailand (Image source network)

January 21st, local time, the authorities of Chunburi Province in eastern Thailand announced the extension of the coronavirus lockdown and continue to restrict people’s access to the province to control the spread and rebound of the novel coronavirus.

In addition, the government-located Gexichang Island continues to take measures to restrict people’s visit to the island since January 6.

Chonburi Province is the hardest hit area since the second outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Thailand.

So far, there have been a total of 647 confirmed cases in the province, of which 525 have been discharged from the hospital, 121 continue to be treated in hospitals, and 1 death.

Chunburi Province is one of Thailand’s coastal tourist attractions and Thailand’s manufacturing centers.

Pattaya, the famous tourist city, is located in the province.

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