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The Thai government reiterated that “sealing the city” and curfew will be Bangkok’s last line of defense

Thai government reiterated that "sealing the city" and curfew will be Bangkok's last line of defense

Thailand’s National Security Council Secretary-General, Bangkok Outbreak Prevention and Control Command Center Director Natapong 6, said that the “seal city” and curfew will be the city of Bangkok pandemic prevention and control of the last line of defense. Prime Minister Bayoh asked all units to consider the whole, as far as possible to minimize the impact of pandemic prevention measures on the public.

Natapon said that the third wave of pandemic prevention and control measures have been implemented for some time, if the number of new confirmed cases per day in the coming week has not significantly decreased, will be in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to adjust the pandemic prevention measures again. If the outbreak remains under effective control, “sealing the city” and curfew will be the last measure, but it is not yet time.

Since the outbreak of the third wave of Coronavirus in Thailand in early April 2021, nearly 50,000 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, 269 deaths, and about 30,000 people are still receiving treatment.

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